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Saturday, June 18, 2011


Our first destination was McLeodganj.."Ganj" is a typical north India (Uttar Pradesh) Raj era term for locality..
and named after the British officer who discovered this once idyllic spot. It was part of a British officer's characteristic in the early19th and 20th centuries to "go beyond" the known territories and discover and name..

Today though the quietitude is sharply torn by the sound of cars and bikes raring past the very narrow and limited streets of McLeodGanj (2 streets in all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
The nearby city below is Dharamshala, now famous as the highest cricket ground in India(official) ...
I have not heard of Richard Gere coming here meet His Holiness The Dalai Lama..The Tibetan community is well established and structured...and its various institutions provide an excellent cultural insight.
In the adjoining hotel I saw young ladies dancing and singing to Tibetan song and more strand in India's multiethnic weave....

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