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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Alaksa's Inside Passage

Soon after returning from Goa, I took the family off the Canada from where we boarded the cruise ship Celebrity. Close to a 1000 staff for the 2000 guests, round the clock dining and enternainment (almost)..with something for all ages.. However, I did not like being trapped on ship faced with a choice of eating plenty, or spending cash for shopping!

But I was in paradise when we went whale watching in a large motor boat. The breaches (groups) or pods or whale and their antics were incredible to watch..Nature at her best..the water spouts and the sounds they made..
were a sight to 8 year old was impressed finally. The sea otters then came before the ship and they cavorted non stop in the water..their antics too were childlike and cute to watch..the whales just majestic.

In Junneau  we boarded helicopters and flew low over the vast waters and glacier the boat, the chopper too was driven by a woman..all excellent at their on facebook...soon..Im still swaying after 7 days at sea even though Ive stepped off my boat!

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