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Saturday, July 9, 2011

All at SEA! a Great Canadian Summer Experience

Howard Zatwarinski...Ive known Howard and Jeannie (Zimmerman) for 16 years and so am able to spell their last names ! run  Natural West Coast Adventures  ( and have been running sea kayaking training and trips in the Pacific waters off Vancouver's sea side suburban resort of White Rock (near Crescent Beach).
One of the great experiences available to just about anyone ...venturing out into the big blue waters is a special experience..the American Bald eagle, the Cormorant both enjoy (I think!) fishing here..or I wonder if it it gets mundane for them? but provide humankind a grand spectacle.. crabs and jelly fish can be seen through the clear waters at low tide..

On a sunny day everyone is on the water or just off it..flat boards, tune inners, dinghies, yachts, motor boats, and other saild boats are all out there. Kids will even float on a log and one bloke wa trying to row his boat with a birch brach (!)

I had come back to White Rock after a decade away from Canada having brought my 8 year old (who a local Senior and musican named "Sunshine" for her smile..and she loved it and took to the kayak like a fish to water ..and did not tire during the two hour journey..I am aching still...!

Howard is now starting kayak fishing tours  and quoted a foreign visitor as saying " do people know just how lucky they are to have access to such quality waters?"..Fortunately not!

NWCA gives you orientation , safety gear and kayaks with great stability and even a land lubber like me managed to stay afloat and keep balance for two! The Kayaks have a rudder worked by a left foot and right foot paddle and one can take one the mighty ocean (when calm!) pretty well for the most part.

See some pics on FB groups TigerPaw Adventures...and contact which is Howard's NWCA website

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